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Urban Flex Starter Set


Urban flex is what we are calling our flexible building set. It is designed for the gamer who wants the ultimate flexibility in how their terrain goes on the table. Perfect for skirmish wargamers and RPG players alike.

The kit contains a heap of different sized pieces with doors and windows (as well as blank walls) and floor tiles so you can create whatever style of building you like, from a single room shack to a complex multiroom building.

Featuring opening doors and card insert window frames.

This kit contains:
35 Columns
1" Walls: 4
2" walls:4
3" Walls: 7 (4 door; 1 window; 2 blank)
4" Walls; 8 (3 door and window; 2 window; 3 Blank)
5" Walls: 10 (2 Door and window; 2 door; 4 window; 2 Blank)
6" Wall: 7 (3 Door and Window; 2 Window; 2 Blank)

Floor Tiles
2x2: 13
2x1: 6
3x1: 2
1x1: 5
3x3: 3
2x3: 10



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