2019 Battle Mats Pre Order Now Open - Battlefield Accessories

2019 Battle Mats Pre Order Now Open

After much pleading from customers, we are getting a restock of our Grasslands 6x4 battle mats. These mats have been in much demand since we sold out of round 1 earlier this year, so be sure to lock in your order quickly. The pre-orders should be fulfilled by the end of August 2019.

Grasslands gaming mat 6x4 feet  

That is not all! We have available for the first time the Grasslands mat 4x3 size. Perfect for those who enjoy smaller skirmish games or have a limited play area.

Grasslands 4x3

Last but not least, we have an all-new design the Cobblestone 4x3 mat

Cobblestone 4x3 gaming mat

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