About us

About Us

Here at Battlefield Accessories we are avid wargamers. We like to dabble in various games, such as Flames of War, Chain of Command, Force on Force, Warhammer 40k, Sharpe’s Practice and many more! In one form or another our business has been creating miniature wargaming terrain for over 10 years. Our first range was created using resin and foam; in recent years we have moved into creating laser cut MDF Buildings and terrain. We design and manufacture all of our pieces in Australia and are keen to help build up and support the local gaming community.

During COVID we acquired some new equipment allowing us to provide pre coloured terrain. This has come to be known as our Tabletop Ready Range. Our store is split between Tabletop Ready (TTR) and plain MDF, many of our original models have been updated and released as TTR. Be sure to check both parts of the store out!

 Contact Mike and Lance: sales@battlefieldaccessories.com.au

 Mike & Lance going to CANCON

 Lance (Left) & Mike (Right) packed and ready to go to CANCON.