Below FAQ are some common concerns of our customers, if you have other questions, please just send it to
We are an Australian based terrain manufacturer.
Tabletop Ready is our range of printed lasercut MDF terrain. As the colour comes pre printed on the model there is no need for painting. Just build the model and play!
We usually try and ship orders within 7 days of receiving them. However sometimes it may take longer depending on what products have been ordered. All our traditional lasercut (non TTR) products are made to order.
For orders within Australia we charge a flat rate of $8aud. For international orders we charge a flat rate of $20aud (10kg order limit).
Currently we are not set up to withhold VAT on behalf of our UK customers. UK customers should be aware that UK customs will charge an additional VAT fee before they can receive their goods.
MDF (medium density fibreboard) is an engineered wood, as such it does contain chemicals that may be harmful in some circumstances. MDF is generally considered safe to be around, it is used widely in home construction, furniture, decorations and wargaming terrain! Follow these tips to keep yourself and loved ones safe: Do not sand MDF as inhaled dust may cause negative health effects. Do not burn MDF as fumes may cause negative health effects. Do not place MDF in mouth as chemicals may leech out and cause negative health effects (keep away from the little ones!!).
We recommend using PVA glue or super glue. We only recommend super glue for experienced model builders (hard to undo a mistake made with superglue!).
We recommend undercoating your model with a mat spray paint (colour of your choice). Then painting using acrylic paints. If you use thin coats of paint the detail of the engraving should be preserved. Our tabletop ready range of terrain does not require any painting. However some people like to blend the MDF edges of the model. A coat or two of carefully applied acrylic paint should suffice.
We often do custom made orders for those who want small tweaks to our products or something tailored to their specific needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.
We deal with wholesale customers directly through our webstore (no distributer involvement). Please contact Lance at to discuss stocking product in your store.
You can contact us via email or via facebook messenger.
We are an Australian GST registered company.
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