28mm Ruined Apartment Building- Release date 20/11/15 - Battlefield Accessories

28mm Ruined Apartment Building- Release date 20/11/15

Hey everyone,

We are in full swing producing Buildings and terrain for our Chain of Command Stalingrad game being held at Cancon 2016.We have already released some buildings that will feature in the game, like Factory 1, 2 and 3, but Stalingrad is a big place so we will be churning out a few more releases before January. 

Our latest release will be the 28mm Ruined apartment building,  release date will be Friday the 20th of November 2015 with a price of $70.00.

I think Mike has really outdone himself on this one, it's size and detail make it a really striking table top building. The design was made with tabletop play-ability in mind, players should easily be able to place and maneuver their troops inside the piece without hassle. We do plan to have some variations on this building in our future releases.

War torn apartment building

Arial view of ruined apartment block

Blown out interior, Stalingrad apartments

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