August 2016 New releases - Battlefield Accessories

August 2016 New releases

Hey Everyone,

New release time again. Our gaming group has been hooked by the 28mm American Civil war bug. In between painting mountains of union reinforcements Mike has somehow found time to put a few new bits and pieces together for us to use on our American battlefields.

You can find these products on the web store under Whats Hot

Snake Rail Fence $12 (pack of 12)

 Union position behind the snake rail

Steamer $70.00

 Confederate paddle steamer

Log Cabin 1 $14.00

Log Cabin 2 $16.00

Log Cabin variation 2

Log Cabin 3 $17.00

Barn $20.00

 Union loitering out the front of barn

Bundle deal which includes all three cabins and the barn is also available for $60.


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