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EPIC (6mm-8mm) Product Range Release!

Hey Everyone,

Time and time again when Mike and I go to a show and occasionally when we open up our Facebook feeds we get asked this question "Can you/ do you make your buildings in Xmm scale?". For a long time our answer was "No" or "sometime in the future", but going forward we should be able to answer "YES!".


We have modified much of our Stalingrad city terrain to fit the 6mm-10mm scale, you can find the range for purchase on the web store under the EPIC category. We hope this range will provide those who play Warhammer 40k EPIC, Drop Zone Commander or any other 6mm-10mm historical/ Sci-Fi, with an extensive range of buildings to use in their games.


We chose to do 6mm-10mm scale first because we felt like there wasn't a large variety of terrain in Australia for the scale. Now that we have rectified that somewhat we will look to release 15mm and 20mm ranges in the coming months as well.

Battlefield Accessories web store has been up and running for just over a year now, and Mike and I would just like to thank the BA community for the support and input that has been provided.

Happy Gaming!


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