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Hex System

Over the past month or so we have been working on a hex based system for allowing truly flexible terrain. What follows is some of my thoughts on this process and an update of where the project is at.

ASL in 15mm 


1982 was the year that, as a 14 year old, I got my first real wargame. Squad Leader AH bookcase game from our local Myer store. Since that time I have been fascinated with hexes.  Fast forward, a lot of years, after many experiments with bands saws, commercial hot wire cutters, injection moulding and even resin, I think I may have finally got the answer.

Initial trial cut: Fine frame proved very brittle.


Our new hex system uses the strengths of the laser cutter to deliver a solid Hex system, which is accurate and versatile, easy to store and quick to setup and pack up.

 Board showing hexes and Pegs


What is the system?

The system is based on 4" hexes, with each hex having a semi circle cut from each corner allowing it to fit into a base board with raised "spikes". The spikes give 3mm clearance from the base board allowing the hexes to be double sidded, but also allowing for slight variance in the base boards (or the surface they are on). If you like the hexes almost float about the table top (hope that doesn't sound to pompous!)

The base and standard hexes are cut from 3mm MDF. We have also been experimenting with cutting 10cm exercise mat to give slope pieces (more about that in a min).

Blank Hexes


Pegs, Hexes and Foam


Setting up Pegs

Joining Boards together

Board showing hexes removed

What is it for?

General d Armee

I'm going to preempt this section with my golden rule for wargames terrain...Its for whatever you want it to be for!!

ASL Board 4

Initially we started design work looking at 15mm Advanced Squad Leader, and my prototype terrain is based for actual ASL boards. But we have quickly discovered that it can work for whatever sized figures you want, basically adjust the size of the terrain you use and the hexes work perfectly.

Cliff Section

The prototype:

The prototype board is, as already discussed, ASL board 4 and board 2(images for that coming soon). We have used 600x900mm base boards with a map board being 900mm wide and ~3m Long. Each hex has been coated with our basing mix, keeping the area around the corners clear (so they can be flipped). Additional detail has been added such as fields and forest and then these have had woodland scenics Green terrain wash put over them.

Showing foam which has been cut to form a slope then Covered with texture then finally washed


 What will it look like on the store:

At this stage we are experimenting with Kit sizes. Its a balance between what is easy to ship, store and use. 


Base boards will be approximately 380mm x 570mm. This means that with 9 boards linked together you can do a 6'x 4' table.  We will have kits available for a 6x4 table; a command and colours table (6 boards) plus you will be able to buy individually.  Super keen for feedback. either comment below or email Mike.parker@tpg.com.au or comment on our facebook group.


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