Road to Calias Battlegroup reports (3 part series)

The first of a three-game series, sees the Recon elements of the 3rd Royal Tank Regiments (Lance) face off against the 1st Panzer Division (Mike). Set at the close of the battle for France this series of three games sees the British forces at Calais trying to by as much time as possible for forces to evacuate at Dunkirk.

In game two of our Calais scenarios, we once again see the 3rd Royal tank regiment (Lance) take on the 1st Panzer division (Mike) in an attempt to hinder that encirclement of Calais.

The final game of our Calias scenarios see's the German 1st Panzer trying to take a vital crossroads, a scratch british force made of men from various searchlight regiments with support from the 3rd Royal tank regiment prepare to delay them as long as possible. 

The scenarios are adapted from a skirmish scenario book "France '40 withdrawal to Dunkirk".

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