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RPG Dungeon tiles and walls

Hey Everyone,

We have another exciting release (well exciting for us), announcing the RPG passage system!

RPG starter set unpacked and ready to play

Like our Sci-Fi passage's the RPG passage system is designed to be completely modular. With walls of various sizes clipping into columns gamers can build their dungeons in any which way they like. We designed the system with Dungeons & Dragons in mind using the standard 1"x1" grid, that being said there is no reason why the set couldn't be used for games like Frost Grave, Dungeon Bowl or Hero Quest.

Cleric searches the abandoned hall

We have put together an RPG Starter Set which contains everything a prospective dungeon delver needs to get started on their journey. Extra walls, doors, and accessories are available separately for those who wish to flesh out their dungeons.

Adventurers halted by guards

We have created some furniture to help fill your dark empty dungeons, beds, benches tables and chairs. RPG Furniture Pack

ranger loots the sleeping quarters

In future, we may produce expansions for the current set as well and a tavern expansion if there is demand enough. We look forward to hearing your feedback, enjoy adventuring!

Classic pit fall dungeon trap

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