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Sharp Practice accessories - New Releases!

Mike and I are busy gearing up to play a couple a Sharp Practice campaigns using the "Dawn & Departures" campaign system by Too Fat Lardies. As we are planning to film some of the games for our Youtube channel BA Gaming, we thought we would update some of our Sharp Practice accessories.

The new Sharp practice morale tracker looks ace, printed with wood stained texture and clear white writing. It has a turn wheel for force morale and a smaller wheel for flag tracking.

Next up we have the all important smoke markers. For those players who like to run around with unloaded muskets! These are reverse printed on translucent perspex giving them a premium look and feel. Bonus is these are pretty generic so can be used for smoke markers in other games too.

Napoleonic French 28mm smoke markers


We have also given a similar treatment to the artillery markers. These come in two pieces so players can track the reload progress. Mike has done a stunning job on the artwork in my opinion.

That is all for now, however we are developing chit sets and leader markers so keep an eye out for those being released soon.


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