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What is TableTop Ready?

It is coming up on a year now since we first released our Tabletop Ready (TTR) range. Since then we have been telling anyone and everyone who would listen about it, and I shall continue to tell you about it now.

Simply put Tabletop Ready is terrain that you don't have to paint. It comes pre "painted" with stunning detail. The term "Tabletop Ready" most commonly refers to the painting standard expected for miniatures to be put on the table at tournaments (or even some clubs). 

TTR vs Traditional Lasercut

We all have our hobby piles of shame, and more often than not the terrain is the last thing on peoples list. TTR allows those players, who prefer not to paint terrain or those who lack the time to paint terrain to be able to play on great looking tables

That is not to say a person who wants a hobby challenge cannot enjoy our TTR range. We sent some of our new 20mm range to Piers Brand of Battlegroup fame. These are some of the photo's he sent back after painting in the corner join area's.

20mm MDF Buildings

As we charge ahead into 2021 we hope more and more of you can see our Tabletop Ready range in the flesh (the photos cannot do it justice!!). The range is growing and by year end we suspect we will discontinue our traditional MDF products.

We are also expanding wholesale of this range, if you run a store and are interested in stocking our product, please message us of Facebook messenger, we would love to chat.

Thankyou for reading, I hope your as excited about TTR as we are!

Lance & Mike

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