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Campaign - O - Matic (TTR) (modular campaign system)

Campaign - O - Matic (TTR) (modular campaign system)

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Campaign - O - Matic is a modular map system that allows players to create a custom map to play a campaign of their choice with.

The set comes with 60 double sided 40mm hexes (printed with various types of terrain), a base board for map to sit in and, four California screws to lock pieces in place. A clear perspex cover sheet to keep map together for travel and play, this also allows players to mark place names or mark any other significant items/terrain for their campaign (we recommend using chalk marker pens). Lastly the set comes with two perspex overlay  sheets, these are used to create fog of war with each side marking their troop movements on their own sheet, and a third person overlaying the maps to see where encounters take place.  The umpire can mark intelligence reports on the overlay so each player is working with limited information.

The unit is 395mm x 290mm with the hex map size is 350mm x 260mm. Versatility is the key. You can arrange the hexes however you want giving you endless possibilities. You can purchase add-on packs to give you even more options. Or for something quick just slip a printed map under the perspex.

We have two variations, a modern themed one which will suit WW2 onward and an Old World theme which can be used for historical and fantasy settings. 


*Note the maps shown in the video are prototypes and artwork may vary from finished product.



Frequently Asked Questions

What country are you based in?

We are an Australian based terrain manufacturer.

What are these Tabletop Ready (TTR) products?

Tabletop Ready is our range of printed lasercut MDF terrain. As the colour comes pre printed on the model there is no need for painting. Just build the model and play!

How long does it take to ship an order?

We usually try and ship orders within 7 days of receiving them. However sometimes it may take longer depending on what products have been ordered. All our traditional lasercut (non TTR) products are made to order. 

How much do you charge for postage?

For orders within Australia we charge a flat rate of $8aud.
For international orders we charge a flat rate of $20aud (10kg order limit).

Do you withhold VAT for UK customers?

Currently we are not set up to withhold VAT on behalf of our UK customers. UK customers should be aware that UK customs will charge an additional VAT fee before they can receive their goods.

Is MDF Dangerous?

MDF (medium density fibreboard) is an engineered wood, as such it does contain chemicals that may be harmful in some circumstances. MDF is generally considered safe to be around, it is used widely in home construction, furniture, decorations and wargaming terrain!

For optimal safety we advise:
- Avoid sanding MDF (wear safety mask if you must).
- Avoid burning MDF.
- Keep out of reach of the little ones.

What glue do I used to build my MDF models?

We recommend using PVA glue or super glue. We only recommend super glue for experienced model builders (hard to undo a mistake made with superglue!).

The Tabletop Ready Terrain bonds weaker when using PVA due to the coating on the MDF preventing the glue absorbing into the wood.

How do I paint my MDF terrain?

We recommend undercoating your model with a mat spray paint (colour of your choice). Then painting using acrylic paints. If you use thin coats of paint the detail of the engraving should be preserved. 

Our tabletop ready range of terrain does not require any painting. However some people like to blend the MDF edges of the model. A coat or two of carefully applied acrylic paint should suffice. 

Do you do custom made orders?

We often do custom made orders for those who want small tweaks to our products or something tailored to their specific products. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us via email or via facebook 




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