Tavern Tile Set

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The Tavern Tile Set is part of the RPG passage system and is designed to give you flexibility when constructing passage systems. With each wall section locking into corner columns it gives you a passage system which not only looks good but will hold together during your game and pack away quickly when you are done.


The passages are based on a 1" grid and will fit other commercially printed floor tiles.



Walls are 48mm from base (51mm from Table)

Wall lengths quoted include the width of the column joiners. EG: 6" wall covers 6" of floor tiles with columns attached.  Kit Supplied unpainted.

Assembly required.


15 Columns

4 Medium (4") Walls with Doors

 2 - 6" Walls

 4 - 5" Walls  With Windows

 4 -4" Walls

 2 - 3" Walls

 5- 2" Walls

 4 - 1" Walls


1 - Stairs

 Floor Tiles

 6 - 1x1

 4 - 2x1

 9 - 2x2

 10 - 3x2



6 Benches

4 Tables

5 Beds


2 Fire places


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Tavern Tile Set
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