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28mm SCI FI Dwellings Release

Hey Everyone, Get your power armour ready and make sure your lasgun is charged because we have some new SCI FI buildings to wage war over. We are looking forward to the release of Warhammer 40k 8th edition, in anticipation we created some new buildings to play with. Three new SCI FI themed dwellings with the choice between two variant window types. Dwelling Pack $50.00Large Dwelling $25.00Medium Dwelling $18.00Small Dwelling $15.00 These buildings are scaled for heroic 28mm and should be suitable for games like infinity and Tomorrow's War as well.  

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RPG Dungeon tiles and walls

D&D Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy RPG

Hey Everyone, We have another exciting release (well exciting for us), announcing the RPG passage system! Like our Sci-Fi passage's the RPG passage system is designed to be completely modular. With walls of various sizes clipping into columns gamers can build their dungeons in any which way they like. We designed the system with Dungeons & Dragons in mind using the standard 1"x1" grid, that being said there is no reason why the set couldn't be used for games like Frost Grave, Dungeon Bowl or Hero Quest. We have put together an RPG Starter Set which contains everything a prospective dungeon delver needs to...

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Off to Cancon 2017

Hey Everyone, Battlefield Accessories is off to Cancon 2017 from 25/1/17 - 29/1/17. We won't be posting orders in this period, the store will still be open to place orders, we will get to them after we arrive home. If you are down at Cancon 2017 this year come by to our store and say "hello", and check out some of the new products we are releasing at the show. We will be located next to Eureka miniatures in the main hall.  Hope everyone has an excellent Australia Day weekend. Happy Wargaming,Battlefield Accessories Team  

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EPIC (6mm-8mm) Product Range Release!


Hey Everyone, Time and time again when Mike and I go to a show and occasionally when we open up our Facebook feeds we get asked this question "Can you/ do you make your buildings in Xmm scale?". For a long time our answer was "No" or "sometime in the future", but going forward we should be able to answer "YES!".    We have modified much of our Stalingrad city terrain to fit the 6mm-10mm scale, you can find the range for purchase on the web store under the EPIC category. We hope this range will provide those who play Warhammer 40k EPIC,...

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August 2016 New releases

28mm ACW

Hey Everyone, New release time again. Our gaming group has been hooked by the 28mm American Civil war bug. In between painting mountains of union reinforcements Mike has somehow found time to put a few new bits and pieces together for us to use on our American battlefields. You can find these products on the web store under Whats Hot Snake Rail Fence $12 (pack of 12)   Steamer $70.00   Log Cabin 1 $14.00 Log Cabin 2 $16.00 Log Cabin 3 $17.00 Barn $20.00   Bundle deal which includes all three cabins and the barn is also available for $60....

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